Djokovic likely to miss US Open

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Its is reported that Zdenko Milinkovic, a doctor involved in the treatment of Novak, has suggested that 6-8 weeks of rest are needed for recovery from a longstanding elbow injury which caused him to drop from the Wimbledon Championships.  Djokovic is likely to make an announcement on this matter later in the week.

Carlos Moya on Nadal’s Success

Carlos Moya has revealed the secrets behind Nadal’s recent improvements and comeback from injury.

Forehand has been adapted to “get more speed through the court”.  Work on improvements in the Nadal backhand has been fairly evident as he takes more outside in backhands over inside out forehands.  And “a lot of work on the serve”.

Nadal is also carrying more lead tape in the head of the racquet giving much increased power potential.  Additionally, nutrition and dietary changes have been made to build even more muscle to help in reducing injuries.